Swim Marathon Šabac, Serbia


Dear Friends,

On FINA’s behalf, it is my great pleasure to welcome all the swimmers, coaches, managers, judges and delegates from the FINA Member Federations to this race of the 2011 FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix edition, taking place in Sabac (SRB). Ten races from January to August are scheduled for this 2011 circuit. As in the past years, I strongly believe that the level of participation will again be high and the competition will be fierce until the last leg. Thanks to the effort and work of the Swimming Federation of Serbia, as well as the Organising Committee, our best athletes will find the optimal conditions for memorable performances. Moreover, the engagement of the local authorities, sponsors and media representatives is a key factor for the success of this competition in particular and for the promotion of this discipline in general. In this
occasion, I would like to express my gratitude to all those involved in the organisation of this event. Shortly before the end of this year’s Grand Prix, the best open water swimmers of the planet will gather in Shanghai (CHN), for the 14th edition of the FINA World Championships, where all five FINA disciplines are represented. In China, where Marathon Swimming made its entry into the Olympic programme at the Beijing 2008 Games, the world hierarchy will certainly reflect the rankings of the 2011 FINA Open Water Swimming Grand Prix. FINA, together with the National Federations and Organisers of its Open Water Swimming Grand Prix, has always one main objective: to enhance the visibility of this demanding and attractive discipline, ensuring the optimal promotion of our marathon swimmers’ performances. I wish all the luck to the participants and the best to win.
Dr. Julio C. Maglione, FINA President

President Dr Julio C. Maglione
Honorary Secretary Paolo Barelli
Honorary Treasurer Pipat Paniangvait
Vice Presidents Husain Al Musallam
Nory Kruchten
Bill Matson
Dale Neuburger
Sam Ramsamy
Bureau Members Gennady Aleshin
Ben Ekumbo
Dimitris Diathesopoulos
Farid el Allam
Paulo Frischknecht
Tamas Gyarfas
Eugenio Martinez
Orban Mendoza
Dennis Miller
Dr. Margo Mountjoy
Coaracy Nunes Filho
Kazuo Sano
Chief Olatokunbo Thomas
Qiuping Zhang
Honorary Life President Mustapha Larfaoui
Immediate Past Honorary Secretary Bartolo Consolo
Honorary Members Rafael Blanco
Eldon C. Godfrey, C.A.
Francis Luyce
Guillermo Martinez
Klaas van de Pol
Gunnar Werner
Executive Director Cornel Marculescu
President Slobodan Bokanić
Vice president Branislav Kovačević
General secretary Vladimir Anušić
Members Dragan Radosav

Nikola Danev
Saša Tošić
Boris Drobac
Nebojša Grigorijev
Slodoban Kesić
Ivan Đorđević
FINA Delegate – New Zeland John West
Serbian Swimming Federation Branislav Kovačević
Organization Commitee Vojislav Mijić
Organization comitee os Sabac marathon Sovranije Čonjagić, chairman
Dragojlo Lazić
Branislav Nedimović
Branislav Kovačević
Vojislav Mijić
Milorad Veljović
Dušanka Bandović
Željka Stanković
Milivoj-Miki Urošević
Živorad Opanković
Miroslav Panović
Milisav Stanojčić
Dejan Popović
Zoran Radovanović
Drago Maričić
Ivan Kovačević
Vasilije Vujanović
Aleksandar Stojković
Slavica Radanović
Slobodan Tmušić

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